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What are the Captain qualifications required for Polish commercial yachts?

Valid "Yacht Captain License", STCW 4, and Radio Operators certificate

Captains of Polish yachts under 200 Gross Tons must:

  • be 20+ years old
  • have a of Motorboat Captain Certificate or Yacht Captain Certificate
  • have 6 months of sailing experience since obtaining the certificate
  • have completed  STCW basic 4 part safety training
  • have a  valid Marine Radio SRC Certificate
  • have a valid  medical certificate

Recognition of foreign qualification documents

The procedure for recognizing foreign qualification documents for members of commercial yacht crews should meet the requirements of the STCW Convention. As is the case with foreign recognition documents of crew members of seagoing ships in international shipping. Issue of confirmation recognition of a foreign diploma may take place only for a document issued on the basis of the Convention STCW, with reference to specific regulations. This basis must be clear from the confirmed qualification document. However, the document should be issued by the maritime administration of the given States or under the authority of the maritime administration. The same is the case with safety training certificates and specialist certificates,

ie. the statement of equivalence can only refer to certificates issued on the basis of the relevant

regulations of the STCW Convention by the administration of an EU Member State or a third country that has been recognized by the European Commission for training and issuing seafarers

qualifications and with which the minister responsible for maritime economy concluded an agreement concerning the recognition of diplomas and certificates issued by that state or by an authorized center with the authorizations of the maritime administrations of these countries

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