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What are the requirements to get a Polish MMSI number and call-sign?

A Polish ship radio station license is available for Polish registered yachts

We offer registration for ship radio station licenses with the Polish Office of Electronic Communication to yacht owners with Polish registration. The documents required are:

  • A copy of the sea-going yacht's registration certificate (final registration, not provisional)
  • A copy of the CE Declaration of Conformity for each radio device onboard. These CE certificates are easily obtained from the Manufacturer or distributor of the equipment, usually online. We can help with this if you provide us a list of make/models for all devices.
  • A copy of the valid personal Radio Operator Certificate issued to the boat owner (not to any other person) if the boat is owned by a private individual. The grade of certificate should be appropriate to the radio equipment onboard. The certificate can be from any recognized National authority.

Send electronic copies of these documents to and we will start your registration for a Polish ship radio station license. You will receive a Polish radio call-sign and new Polish MMSI number which can be programmed into your electronic devices.