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Can I register my European based boat in the US state of Delaware?

You can register a boat in the state of Delaware only if the boat is located in Delaware for 60 consecutive days per calendar year

Delaware registered boats must be registered in Delaware as its “State of Principal Use”. Delaware regulations state that a vessel must be used, docked, or stowed on the waters of this state for over 60 consecutive days per calendar year, to count as “Principal Use”.

A vessel registered by the State of Delaware does not obtain USA nationality under UNCLOS. Accordingly it will be assimilated as a vessel without nationality and will not receive the rights, obligations and benefits associated with such nationality.  A vessel is not flagged by any US State Government, flagging is only provided by the United State's Federal Government.


Poland is a nation state.  The vessel never needs to be in Polish waters for a minimum period and never needs to visit Poland. Non-Polish citizens can register their boats in Poland; Any nationality owner can register.

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