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Can I use a MMSI number from the UK with my Polish registered yacht?

No, this is not permitted by the OfCom of the UK and also not permitted by the Polish Urząd Komunikacji Elektronicznej

All vessels registered in Poland must have a Polish Ship Radio License to use VHF/DSC and other radio devices.

We refer to the following publication from the UK regulatory body OfCom:
Ofcom Of168a-guidance notes for licensing Publication date: 16 March 2020
"The Ship Radio Licence
What it authorises
2.2 The Ship Radio Licence authorises the installation and use of maritime radio and associated equipment, as well as non-maritime radio equipment (such as a mobile phone picocell) on a named ship, subject to applicable licence conditions. The ship must be registered in the UK or one of the Crown Dependencies.

2.12 Non-DSC equipment and other equipment that does not contain an MMSI can be used under the ship’s own licence, whoever has issued it, subject to the terms and conditions of the licence (including the use of the ship’s call sign). However, DSC radio and other devices with MMSIs are less straightforward, as MMSIs often include a country code. If working a ship registered other than in the UK, using a UK MMSI could produce a misleading identity. Misleading identities are expressly prohibited by the Radio Regulations.

5.8 "We (OfCom) may issue licences and assign call signs and MMSIs only to ships flagged in the UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands. If we discover that we have issued a licence for a ship flagged in another country, we may revoke the UK ship radio licence."

We will obtain a Polish ship radio station license for your yacht from the Polish Office of Electronic Communication . You will receive a Polish MMSI number and callsign. We also register your EPIRB with the COSPAS-SARSAT database

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